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Loraine Walker

Loraine Walker haute couture is a small, family fashion design house business in Kinghorn, Fife.

A highly experienced and talented dressmaker, Loraine creates beautiful clothes for ladies with discerning tastes.

My vision is for ladies everywhere to feel inspired and ooze with confidence dressed in couture uniquely designed for them - and them alone.

Designer style at an affordable price

Every lady is special and deserves a special treat every now and then. Couture is seen as a luxury by many of us. Loraine Walker creates inspiring haute couture – at an affordable price. Right from her fashion house studio in Fife – a short 40-minute drive from Edinburgh and Perth.

Distinctive looks for discerning tastes

We're all unique. We each have a unique personality and body shape. Loraine recognises this and offers haute couture at an affordable price.

Loraine has more than 30 years' experience of tailoring and fashion design. "What looks great on one lady will look quite different on another. My job is to make all my clients feel extra special and burst with confidence. So that no matter where you are going, you feel great and walk with an air confidence."