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Loraine Walker


Many designers work only from paper patterns. Loraine is different. A client might want features from three or more different paper patterns. Loraine brings all the design elements together by using lining material to make up samples for fittings.

Clients usually have four fittings. This varies depending on the design and detail. Some garments need six or more fittings.

Most clients love to come into Loraine's studio for fittings because it gives them the chance to soak up the atmosphere and see Loraine working at her machine.

Some clients prefer to be fitted in the comfort of their own home, which Loraine is very happy to do.

For ladies who are on a diet or keep fit plan, Loraine schedules fittings to suit each stage of their regime. Many ladies find this to be super incentive to stick to their health plans because they want to lose weight before their next fitting.